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Welcome to Harshitha Safety Nets

We are one of the major traders and dealers in providing the net services across various verticals for more than 21 years.

Harshitha Safety Nets was established by Govindu, an accomplished alumnus of a renowned college, who identified the deficiency in the existing netting sector. Local entities, driven by short-term gains, resorted to deceitful practices by making false promises and disseminating inaccurate information about their nets. Rembarked on founding this company with the purpose of instilling a standard of quality assurance within the industry.

Experts & Experienced in Fixing Balcony Safety Nets, Children Safety Nets, Anti Bird Netting, Pigeon Safety Nets for Balconies, Pigeon Nets Fixing, Bird Control Services, Apartment Duct Area Covering Nets, Terrace Top Cricket Practice Nets, Industrial Bird Netting, Open Space Covering Safety Nets, Building Covering Pigeon Nets, All types of Sports Court Nets, Cricket Practice Nets Installation Services in & Around in and Around Hyderabad.

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