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Welcome Salmon Safety Nets

We are one of the major traders and dealers in providing the net services across various verticals for more than 21 years.

Salmon Safety Nets was established by Salmon, an accomplished alumnus of a renowned college, who identified the deficiency in the existing netting sector. Local entities, driven by short-term gains, resorted to deceitful practices by making false promises and disseminating inaccurate information about their nets. Rembarked on founding this company with the purpose of instilling a standard of quality assurance within the industry.

Get in touch with us now at 9550777822 for samples and prices. We provide free installation and inspection, doorstep service within 60 minutes, the lowest prices guaranteed, service support after installation, 24/7 chat support, and a skilled and experienced work team.

Projects completed for our respected clients.
Experienced people serving to clients.
Happy Customers with References
Years experience in business & consulting.

Why to Choose Salmon Safety Nets


Free Installation

We provide complete Installation. No nets are required for any type of demand, wherever.

Quality Assurance

We make sure that the things we sell are all of the highest calibre. We are wholesalers and provide very Lowest Price.

Save Maintenance Cost

Zero Maintenance Cost because it won’t require any expensive components. You can contact us with any cuts or damage.

Trusted By Most Customer

We always focus on the unique needs of the clients. The high standards of quality we uphold are the reason we have been in this business for so long.


Salmon is dedicated to providing practical, valuable advice and solutions for an effective bird management programme as an expert in bird and pigeon control.

100% Pigeon Free & Healthy Living Space Guarantee

Contact Us Now @ 9550777822

Problem Faced From Pigeons

Place an order with us for genuine service

Pigeons carry a variety of diseases such as Ornithosis, Listeria and E-coli that can be transmitted to humans not only from pigeon droppings but also the birds themselves. Three human diseases, histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and psittacosis are linked to pigeon droppings also.

Salmon Safety Nets can provide you with a quick, free safety net quote. We assist you in locating any safety nets that are appropriate for you, ensuring that you don’t pay for something you don’t want! Request a quote; It will take no more than two minutes. For an environment that is secure and safe, Get in Touch With Us.

Facing any pigeon & bird problem? Get a quote!

Call Us :- 9550777822

Our Services

Balcony Safety Nets

Salmon Safety Nets provides reliable Balcony Safety Nets to safeguard your loved ones from potential accidents. These high-quality nets are durable, UV-resistant, and installed with precision, ensuring a secure living space.

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Pigeon Safety Nets

Salmon Safety Nets specializes in Pigeon Safety Nets, offering durable and reliable solutions. Their nets prevent pigeons from entering spaces, ensuring a clean and safe environment. Trust Salmon for effective bird control.

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Children Safety Nets

Salmon Safety Nets prioritizes children’s safety with robust, high-quality safety nets. Crafted to withstand potential hazards, these nets provide a protective barrier, ensuring a secure environment for kids to explore and play.

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Anti Bird Nets

Salmon Safety Nets provides top-quality Anti Bird Nets designed to safeguard your premises from bird intrusion. Our durable and UV-resistant nets are an effective solution, ensuring a bird-free environment.

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Duct Area Safety Nets

Salmon Safety Nets specializes in high-quality Duct Area Safety Nets, providing reliable protection against accidental falls. These nets are meticulously designed to ensure safety, durability, and compliance with industry standards.

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Building Safety Nets

Salmon Safety Nets specializes in crafting reliable and durable building safety nets. Engineered with precision, these nets ensure a secure environment by preventing accidents and providing effective fall protection on construction sites.

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Pigeon & Bird Spikes

Salmon Safety Nets offers Pigeon & Bird Spikes designed to deter birds from roosting or nesting on buildings. These humane and effective solutions are easy to install, ensuring a bird-free environment.

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Construction Safety Nets

Salmon Safety Nets specializes in top-quality Construction Safety Nets, ensuring a secure work environment. Their nets meet industry standards, offering reliability and protection against falls, emphasizing worker safety on construction sites.

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Monkey Safety Nets

Salmon Safety Nets specializes in Monkey Safety Nets, providing robust and reliable solutions to prevent monkeys from entering residential or commercial spaces. Their nets are durable, cost-effective, and ensure effective protection.

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Parking Lot Safety Nets

Salmon Safety Nets specializes in designing reliable Parking Lot Safety Nets. These nets provide an extra layer of security, preventing accidents and ensuring a safer environment. Trust Salmon Safety Nets for top-notch safety solutions.

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Coconut Tree Safety Nets

Salmon Safety Nets offers reliable Coconut Tree Safety Nets designed to protect people and property from falling coconuts. These nets are durable, UV-resistant, and installed with expertise to ensure safety.

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All Types Sports Nets

Salmon Safety Nets offers a comprehensive range of high-quality sports nets for various activities, including cricket, soccer, tennis, and more. Designed for durability and safety, their nets ensure optimal performance and player protection.

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Our Recent Testimonials

Shirley GeorgeBalcony Safety Nets

I am thrilled with the service. Very professional, he had all the necessary tools with him and was quick and efficient

Akshay VedpathakPigeon Safety Nets

Good quality nets… Conversation is good with labour as well as the owner
Kind response of owner in case of price and discounts ..appreciate that as well

Manjula sBird Safety Nets

Good service quality was awesome as per market best discount price go for it. I am fully satisfied. Thank you

AnandBalcony Safety Nets

There so best workers and also best quality net we have to say Salmon safety net is one and only best and also normal rate of net it is highly stronged net

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